Driver / Service Profesionals



ZUUM is an UBER Alternative App that don’t charge 25% commission to Drivers
● Drivers Earn more Money
● Drivers get paid instantly from Customers
● Business Associates/Agents provide Admin and Marketing services to Drivers

Consider Starting your own UBER type Business, if you don't have vehcile. Learn more about Business Opportunity

Setup Profile

1) Create Service Provider Profile
i. Basic Info: Enter Name, Phone, Facebook Id, Driver License or State Id, and description about you.
ii. Service Offering: Select the service (Rideshare, Taxi, Roadside Assistance, Auto service, cleaning, etc.
iii. Billing: Enter your own billing rate per mile/km for Transportation. Enter billing rate per hour for Cleaning, Nanny, Beauty, Medical, Auto Service etc. Enter Minimum billing amount you want to receive per transaction
iv. Vehicle Info: Enter Vehicle Make, Model, and Year Info. Enter Vehicle Plate information.
2) Set/Enable the Availability Flag whenever you want to work.
3) Accept Service Request when you receive notification from a customer
4) Get paid from customers directly and instantly after you complete the service request.
5) Disable the Availability Flag when you are not available to work
Note: You can get payment with ZUUM coins, crypto currencies, credit card, or cash.


● Share information with others about ZUUM Services App
● Get good Ratings from Customers
● Have a good Social Media profile
● Follow @zuumstar on Facebook, Follow #zuum on Twitter
● Partner with an Agent/Representative who will do Marketing and Admin work on behalf of you.
Note: By having an Agent/Representative, customers feel more comfortable with the fact that they have a ZUUM contact in case of issues.

OnDemand Service Types

Service Professionals can provide a service in one of the following ZUUM Businesses: ~Rideshare (Drivers with their own Car)
~Taxi (City Authorized Taxi Company Drivers)
~Drivers (Available to drive customer car)
~Car Rental (Car Rental with Driver)
~Roadside Assistance (Professionals with Tow Truck to customers when they are stuck on road. Services include Tire change, Battery, Towing service, etc.)
~Auto Service (Oil Change, Brake pad change, Tire Rotation, etc.)
~Medical (Doctor, Nurse Services)
~Home (Handyman services for Plumbing, Electric, Landscape, Snow Removal, etc.)
~General (Contractor for moving, general labor work)